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sunday morning [entries|friends|calendar]

blake. twenty years and counting. six month relationship. finally on my own; it's strange being an adult. pretty much my time is spent at work and at home with my baby. i also smoke cigarettes far too much.
Ani DiFranco, Mae, Jimmy Eat World, Staind, Cold, Ginny Owens, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, to name a few.
add aim sn.
I would have returned your greeting If it weren't for the way you were looking at me This street is not a market And I am not a commodity Don't you find it sad that we can't even say hello 'Cause you're a man And I'm a woman And the sun is getting low There are some places that I can't go As a woman I can't go there And as a person I don't care I don't go for the hey baby what's your name And I'd alone thank you Just the same I am up again against The skin of my guitar In the window of my life Looking out through the bars I am sounding out the silence Avoiding all the words I'm afraid I've said too much I'm afraid of who has heard me My father, he told me the story And it was true For his time But now the story's different Maybe I should tell him mine All the girls line up here All the boys on the other side I see your ranks are advancing I see mine are left behind I am up again against The skin of my guitar In the window of my life Looking out through the bars I am sounding out the silence Avoiding all the words I'm afraid I can never say enough I'm afraid no one has heard me And despite all the balls that I've been thrown And forced to drop On the social totem pole I'm preciously close to the top They put you in your place And they tell you to behave But no one can be free Until we're all on even grade.
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Friends Only :) [12:00am]
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Chase this light with me. [3:46pm]
So, it's near the end of 2009. Everything in my life is completely different from when I started this journal (and last posted, really)... Right now is a really hard time for me. Chris, whom I've been with for four and a half years, is in jail. I'm living with his grandmother's family (fucking riot, let me tell you). I just finished my first semester of college (well... finals are next week, so maybe that's technically finishing), and I kind of want to hit reboot on friendships.

I had some great friends growing up. Since been with Chris, I unintentionally wrote everyone off. I drifted into my own happy little world, and now that he is temporarily out of my life, I find that I have no one. Well, a couple people who I call "friends" but who don't know me. I can honestly say the last time I was truly myself was in Mississippi, right before Katrina. Katie Scott got to see the best of me. It's like that person disappeared, I don't understand it.

But I'm still here. Still Blake, and still hoping there's those quirky few I can connect with socially.


Hello, all my old buds! [7:47pm]
I can't believe this journal still exists =P had it for 5 years now. Hope you all are doing well. Take care! (hit me up @ clear.singularity@gmail.com, it's the only thing I check consistently)

If I started posting again, would you read?

fuck holidays.

i like to take up space just because i can [6:01pm]
Fucking Peak Oil ignorant motherfuckers. Fucking 9/11 truthers. Fuck them all. Yes, I'm one of both of those categories. I make sense to me. but, goddamnit, I just vented and it felt fucking great.

fuck you & your untouchable face. [9:03pm]
I'm back. A lot of you probably might not remember me, but I believe I need a venting space once again. So, here I am. Hello to all. Ani still rocks.


happy early birthday lovemecinnamon!

i want a monument to the friendship that we never had erected [3:39pm]
I've created an Ani art community i'd like all of you to join. You don't have to even be all that good with graphic arts to criticize or enjoy ani art. Anyone can join, and i'd love it if you did. :)


we've all been in financially fucked situations, correct? each one of us.

i have a favor to ask and if you want to say "FUCK. YOU." go right ahead. january's a rough month on bills and any little bit could help. i will repay you. i just got hired at waffle house and i should be making $50 - $75 a day in tips. if you're willing to help, at all, please... please do.

my paypal address is fauxwinter@gmail.com

i would be forever in your debt. please, i'll never ask any of you this again.

thank you...

if not, that's okay. i'll find a way, somehow.

you give us a tantrum and a know-it-all grin, just when we need one, when the evening is thin. [12:35am]
i'm tired of sitting here, looking at my buddy list of 94 people and barely talking to any of them. so, because trillian rocks, i've got my new screen name signed on and will have it along with my old one for one week. in that week, i'll be adding only new people who actually USE aim to speak to their friends instead of just a medium to have on... just to have on. so, if you're interested in adding me, add my new screen name:

+ evening is thin

anyone is welcome to add me, long as you just talk to me every now and again ;p

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round and round we go [10:19pm]
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My profile name: fauxwinter3

"I need a map of your head translated into english so i could learn to not make you frown. You'd feel better if you'd vent, put your frustrations into four letter words, and let them out on mine: the most weathered ears in town"

-.- ... Olde Oaks sure can be frustrating.

turning molehills into mountains [6:21am]
i shouldn't drink livewire in the middle of the night, i wake up with a slight stomach ache each time. BUT IT'S SO GOOD.

weekends are turn out to be rough. olde oaks saturdays and sundays, but that's alright. it's money. right when i need it.

i'm tired. and will post more when i get to work. yay for internet access. big yay.

i'd forgotten how much incubus rocks. i remember now.

you wear sandals in the snow & a smile that won't wash away [10:10pm]
for those i haven't spoken to in a while. for those who give a shit.. i'm sorry i've been absent. i'm sorry i've been quiet. i'm sorry i've been to myself. i've been in something of a depression. a low point. i think i'm pulling out of it. think = hope.

i need a phoenix.

i don't know how to see when i'm truly happy. :/

Fourteen hour work day ahead of me. Jeesh.

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