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sunday morning

you're doing your thing & i am doing mine.

3 July 1985
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Blake is a strange creature, delighted by the simplest things, while just as easily impassioned. Ferverently political, ceaselessly introspective, and patient, he could be one of your closest friends... if you could break through the walls.
Strengths: Patience, love, awareness. Also has the ability to engulf things in flames. Er...
Weaknesses: Emotions. Chris. Mountain Dew: Livewire.
Special Skills: Isn't the flame thing enough? He's marginally good at photoshop, too, but the flame thing is cooler.
Weapons: Jingu staff. "This rod will be your doom!"
Achilles' Heel: Ani DiFranco, Staind, Mae, Sarah McLachlan. Certain songs can bring him to his knees.

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"There comes a time when the operation of the machine is so odious that you cannot even passively participate. You've got to place your body on the gears, the wheels, all the mechanism, and you've got to indicate to those who own it and those who run it that unless you are free the machine will be prevented from working at all"

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